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Case Method

Why the case method?
  • Best learning methodology used by the best business schools
  • Based on realistic business concerns
  • Process used to solve cases is similar to actual business processes on problem solving
  • Develops analytical capabilities
  • Develops data or fact handling skills
  • Develops team effectiveness skills
  • Develops communication and presentation skills
  • Case no single connect answer
Steps in analyzing a case

  • Get a sense of the whole case
  • Look at the case before you read it (Titles and headings; Central Characters;Story)
  • Look for thee broad outlines
  • Read twice
 2. Analyze (State issues and ask yourself)
  • Define key issues in the case
  • Identify info relevant to
  • Distinguish the major issues
3.  (sorry missed this)

Case Format
  • Statement of the Problem (Get 1 problem not all)
          -most critical step
          -provides scope and limitation
          -usually in question format
          -statements are concise and straight to the point
  • Objectives
          -listing down 3-5 objectives (to test alternative courses in relation to this)
  • Areas for consideration
  1. Select only related information
  2. List as major assumptions
  3. Uses different frameworks in summarizing key facts (SWOT, 5 Porters..., 3 generic strategies: cost inclusive, focus strategy/niche, differentiation)
  • Alternative Courses of Action (ACA) (pros and cons of each)
  • Conclusion and Recomendation (select best ACA, reasons, details, contigencies)
  • References (in APA format)
Other management tips:

MANagement = people/yourself before others (pushing the weakest forward so no one gets left behind)

Mirror  vs. Windows Concept
Mirror Concept - look at yourself and see what you lack ( Good Leader) > praise yourself (Bad Leader)
Window Concept - look at the window and praise people ( Good Leader) > blame others (Bad Leader)

Case Analysis Discussion
  • 30 mins. discussion
  • read the case carefully and briefly
In Group meetings expect FREEloaders